Laravel or Drupal 8?

Shaun Moss posted 9 months ago

This question is for anyone who has used both "frameworks" (if you can call D8 that) to build sites with. I have been using Drupal for 10 years, but with the advent of D8, my faith has slipped a bit, as I feel they have over-complexified the software and created a problem. Many contrib modules have not yet been ported to D8 because in many ways they require drastic re-engineering and/or rewriting. Drupal without contrib modules is nowhere near as useful. Drupal has been declining in use since its peak in 2010, although it is still very popular. So, I have started to examine Laravel as an alternative. The site I am planning to build needs to be fast and secure, and doesn't require complex screens, although it will have numerous forms. The database has the potential to grow very large. I'm not sure what else I can say about it right now. I just thought I would ask, has anyone migrated from Drupal to Laravel, are you happy with your decision to do that, and what are the shortcomings or advantages that you have noticed in Laravel since making the switch? Thanks so much, your comments will really help me a lot.

Pardeeptech replied 9 months ago

After careful consideration and research. It is recommended we move over to the Laraval / PHP framework. Laraval is a robust framework that allows us to implement the most basic requirements of the “Drupal – RISE – Project” of creating a simple blog/article ability with basic Admin capabilities.

Advantages to use Laravel:

  1. Up and coming community
  2. -Laracast (well documented support and video learning)
  3. -Well received / received in the community
  4. -Eloquent ORM (immediate protection against Mysql attacks)
  5. -Lumen (micro service / API)
  6. -Far greater admin user interface than Drupal
  7. -Follows traditional MVC framework
  8. -LDAP integration 9 -Implements a simple Model-View-Controller architecture

The beauty of laravel allow to adapt and build features that we don’t know exist, for example connecting the water levels with mussel data should be able to develop without being bound to constraints that Drupal might place on creating new features. Although all constraints of a Drupal or Laravel can be overcome through programming, Laravel is just built in a way, that you can get up and running faster to implement new features.

Shaun Moss replied 9 months ago

Thanks Pardeeptech :)

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