Laravel Session OverWriting Every Time On Each Request

Dhav Indian posted 3 months ago

File vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Session/Middleware/StartSession.php Issue On Line Number 66


Due this function Session File is Over Written in each and Every Request This Causes Issues in Real Time System where repeated ajax request is present This is not good to rewrite session on each and every request i temporary rewrite in vendor

if (!$request->ajax() || $request->saveSession === true) { $this->saveSession($request); }

Please Solve As Soon

Tobias van Beek replied 3 months ago

Hello Dhav Indian,

This isn't the bug fixing community for Laravel, you can check for that.

And maybe you can use another driver for the sessions, see:

Dhav Indian replied 3 months ago

Yes I know That Check This link

I reporting on but he told me that its look like question and close my request

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