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posted 1 year ago
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You could make an api, which would check if the user exists and returns the login credentials. I don't really understand the question, as Spark is a billing platform, and not an Auth infrastructure. Do you mean login a spark user? The documentation states that you should make a composer auth.json and then use an api token to login your user


Sorry, I'm very new to Spark and Laravel in general. I don't mean to login a Spark user (admin). When the end user visits the site he has to register for an account and subscribe so I figured it should have some auth built-in? Or do I have to use Jetstream separately? Spark Classic had user accounts so I'm not sure what is the way to go with Spark next.

Here I can see you can check if the end user is subscribed or not:

Last updated 1 year ago.

We all start somewhere, so digging deeper into the documentation, we see that it says you should read up the spark middleware documentation and that you can use laravel cashier methods Might I suggest you take a look at this tutorial by Povilas Korop, his channel provides quality free tutorials in regards to Laravel


Thanks, I have read the middleware documentation but I'm still lost on how to do this. Do I have to create an API for auth from python? I had also seen the youtube tutorial you linked last week.


Yeah, you're gonna have to make the api in python. There's really no other way that I can think of.


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