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posted 2 months ago

It used a caret version range ( )

In basic it follows semver and means every version from 7.2.5 till 8.0.0.

You need to have a PHP 7 version above 7.2.4. After upgrading the packages you can upgrade your PHP version.


It utilized a caret version range subway surfers

The 7.2.5 requirement means that the package requires a version of PHP that is greater than or equal to 7.2.5, but less than 8.0. Since you have PHP version 8.2.3, which is greater than 7.2.5 and greater than or equal to 8.0, it should satisfy this requirement.

However, there could be other factors causing the issue. One possibility is that you have multiple versions of PHP installed on your system, and the version that is being used to run the composer command is not the same as the version you have installed globally.


The error message you are seeing indicates that the version of laravel/ui you are trying to install requires a version of PHP that is greater than or equal to 7.2.5. However, the version of PHP you have installed on your system is 8.2.3, which is already greater than the required version.

This error can occur when the package you are trying to install has specified a version constraint that is too narrow. In this case, laravel/ui has specified a minimum PHP version of ^7.2.5, which means any version of PHP greater than or equal to 7.2.5 should work, but it does not include PHP 8.2.3.

To resolve this issue, you can try updating the composer.json file to include a version constraint for laravel/ui that is compatible with PHP 8.2.3. You can change the version constraint to "^2.0" or "^2.0.0" to allow for any version of laravel/ui that is compatible with your version of PHP. Once you have updated the version constraint, you can run composer update to install the latest compatible version of laravel/ui.


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