Manage roles and permission per data segmantation

Avi Sev posted 1 week ago

Hello, I am currently designing the roles and permission in my website. I encounter a issue that I couldn't find a clean solution for. Assuming my web site has database when all data are segmented by organizations. for example, I have an organizations table, and all other tables in the database must have an organization_id. Now, in addition to "super admin" role which admin for all organizations, I need an "organization admin" role for a specific organization, because I have for each organization an administrator that manage all data related to this organization only, but when assign this "organization admin" role to a user I cannot define for which organization this role is relevant. I am ending up creating roles for "organization 1 admin", "organization 2 admin" and such on. But I am looking for more clean solution, such as $user->assignRole("organization admin",$specific_organization); Take also in mind that one user might be organization admin for several organizations such as: $user->assignRole("organization admin",[$specific_organization1,$specific_organization2]);

I was also thought about another solution, still not clean because it is customized "extension". I can manage a new table called "organization_user_role" with:

  • organization_id
  • user_id
  • role_id

But then I cannot use $user->hasRole() of the package laravel-permission, so I need to manage two permission systems, which I don't prefer. I am looking for a solution to use the same permission system to achieve the goal I asked above.

I will really appreciate a clean solution. Best Regards, Avi

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