Model split response on column true.

I have a query that I was previously calling with Quote::with(['detail.orders'])->findOrFail($id);

Which works just fine, however, the orders table now has a column 'is_primary' that I wish to split the response on, (i.e, select where is_primary = 'true').

With this new column, I wish to build a query that would generate a response like;

	"detail": {
		"primary_orders": [{...}],
		"secondary_orders": [{...}]

Is this possible through the query builder?


(Postgresql 9.3)

Edit :

I do have this;

                'detail.primaryOrders' => function($query) {
                    $query->where('is_primary', '=', 'true');
                'detail.secondaryOrders' => function($query) {
                    $query->where('is_primary', '=', 'false');

But as with many things related to Eloquent, my understanding of the builder is limited and I'm not sure if this is entirely optimal

Cameron replied 2 months ago

Maybe a model resource could come in handy here ? It may allow you to make different requests for primary and secondary but let you put them in one response

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