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Last updated 2 years ago.

I don’t think you can have ->name('basket'); twice.

You may have to write middleware that detects the domain Request::getHost(); <- if that still works

Last updated 5 years ago.

It works without any issue, as long as I manually go to the /basket address, so the router can handle it as it uses the correct route.

However it seems when using the named routes in a template or controller it just takes the first route with the correct name without looking to the domain.


Yeah that’s what I figured , you may not be able to use named routes in your project unless you names them name-1-aaa and name-1-bbb and do logic in blade to serve the proper link


Should this be reported as a bug on github or am I doing something completely out of scope here? It is unexpected behaviour to say the least.


Option 1: Don't use named routes in blade: use:

<a href="{{ url('/basket') }}">My Basket</a>  

instead of

<a href=" {{route('basket')}}">My Basket</a>  

this will use the current domain and link to the basket. Remove the ->name() attached to the route.

Option 2:

Route::get('/basket', function () {
	$domain = Request::getHost();
switch ($domain) {
    case 'domain-aaa':
          return redirect('yourview1');
    case 'domain-bbb':
          return redirect('yourview2');

return redirect()->action('HomeController@index');
    case 2:
          return redirect('404');


hope that helps, good luck :)

Last updated 5 years ago.

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