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Hello @danielsc87,

If I understand your problem correct I think you need to add a call to the withQueryString() function after your paginate call.

$users = User::paginate(15)->withQueryString();

See for the this and other options:

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Solution selected by @danielsc87

Thank you that worked perfect,

below is what i was using before can this be adjusted or its ok to leave as is, onchange was the row selector and the function copy was the search input from a button

<script> document.getElementById('pagination').onchange = function() { window.location = "{!! $hubsearch->url(1) !!}&items=" + this.value; }; function copy() { var $search = document.getElementById('blookup').value; window.location = "{!! $hubsearch->url(1) !!}&blookup="+$search; } </script>

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