plug&play translation package - no more translation pain !

Hey guys !

I’m coming here with a brand new package about translation for Laravel 5. We trust that translation is a pain that should be automated the most we can.

So we made a simple plug&play package for Laravel: weglot/weglot-laravel that allow you to translate any Laravel website ! It should take you nothing more than 5 minutes to have a live result !

Actually it’s the first release of our package so we’re looking for people to try it, gives us feedback or just opinions about things they like / not like in the package ! You can find example for Laravel 5 onto following link: weglot/weglot-laravel-example-l5

Weglot is actually used on more than 30k WordPress website. You can find the Weglot key features compared to other translation solutions onto this page: Weglot goals & key features

You can contact me through private message or our support email, I’ll take care to handle of your messages.

Regards, Baptiste - Weglot

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