Problem with route get method.

Edoardo Di Paolo posted 10 months ago


I'm having a problem with a Route::get. I've to manage some articles, so I created a get route like that:

Route::get('spot/{id}', '[email protected]');

In the function getSpot I check if the id parameter is an integer, if the spot exists and so on. If all is ok, I return a view and in this view I include a .js that has some ajax request like a search. But when I send the request to my search post controller, I have "405 method not allowed". I saw that if I remove the {id} parameter from the route, the ajax request works very well.

I setted up the CSRF_TOKEN everywhere (meta tag, and ajaxSetup in js file).

I'm new in laravel, and I've no idea why..someone could help me?

Md.Miraj Khan replied 10 months ago

Can you show your ajax code?

Edoardo Di Paolo replied 10 months ago

Hey, yes it is:

$("#searchInput").on('keyup', function(e){
        var query = $(this).val();
        if(query.length > 0) {
            var isProcessing = false;
            if(!isProcessing) {
                    method: 'POST',
                    url: 'doSearch',
                    data: {
                        query: query
                    beforeSend: function () {
                        isProcessing = true;
                    success: function (data) {
                        if (data.status === "success") {
                            $.each(data.spot_list, function (i, v) {
                                $(".searchDropdown").prepend("<li class=\"dropdown-item\" style=\"cursor: pointer;\"><a class=\"blackColor\" href=\"asd\"><b>#" + + "</b> " + v.text + "</a></li>");
                            if (data.othersResults == true) {
                                $(".searchDropdown").append("<li class=\"dropdown-item\" style=\"cursor: pointer;\"><a class=\"blackColor\" href=\"asd\"><b>Altri risultati...</b></a></li>");
                            isProcessing = false;
        } else {
        return false;

But this code in my home works well.

This is the home route:

Route::get('home', function(){
stuff to check if userlogged
Md.Miraj Khan replied 10 months ago

Problem is in your AJAX method . Your route accept GET request ,but you are trying to POST .

   method: 'POST',  // change to GET

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