Run laravel project on existing apche server of centos

I have a server of CentOs 7 where apache is running. I'm using it for run my web applications. Now I want to run a laravel 5.0 project on it. I know its weird but reality is server php version is so old 5.4 and running other applications.

Now I need to deploy it to my production server and run as https://server-ip/laravel-project

Need full configuration.

Tobias van Beek replied 7 months ago

You can clone the project to the server (suspecting to have it in git), configure the .env file. Do a composer install and artisan migrate. Point the document root to the public directory and do any other step needed for your application.

But if you need a full configuration I honestly think it is the best to contact a server admin. Because it will depend on the existing configuration how it need to be done.

MR Taumal replied 7 months ago

@Tobias van Beek Thank You for your great suggestion.

I make public directory as my document root. Now problem is, when I hit https://server-ip/laravel-project it shown as follows -

laravel page

Have any solution ? Please share. Thanks in advance.

Tobias van Beek replied 7 months ago Solution

It looks like PHP is not installed or enabled for the site.

MR Taumal replied 7 months ago


@Tobias van Beek Thanks.

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