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posted 2 years ago
Last updated 2 years ago.


This is intended, the callAfterCallbacks method is not inside the Event class, it's inside the ScheduleFinishedCommand class ( if I'm not mistaken.

By having a closer look at the buildBackgroundCommand method inside the CommandBuilder class (, you can see that the schedule:finish command is executed after the command itself has been executed.

So a few possible situations I can think of:

  • the intended command doesn't execute properly
  • the intended command returns a non-zero exit code
  • the intended command throws an exception which also quits everything after it
  • there's a problem with the path to your binary
  • there's a problem with the (execution/access) rights of your binary
  • there's a problem with the path to the finish command (possibly non globally reachable php binary or other binaries that are needed, ...)
  • running your binary results in a timeout which itself aborts everything after it

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