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  1. Laravel documentation

The special thing about official documentation is that you’ll get in-depth knowledge of the technology. So if you learn Laravel from the official Laravel documentation, you can learn so many fundamental concepts in great detail which you can’t learn from other resources.

  1. Code Bright – a book by Dayle Rees

Just like official documentation, books are good for getting in-depth knowledge. Tutorials and videos may give you only a basic understanding, although there are exceptions. But books generally talk about advanced concepts apart from the basic ones and you’ll find detailed explanations with lots of examples, which make it easy for you to understand several programming concepts.

  1. Made with Laravel – open-source Laravel projects

When you have the source code of a good application, you can edit it and see the results. Experimenting in this way is helpful. With open-source projects, you can learn how professional programmers to code and how they document their code. You’ll be exposed to various coding styles and best practices.

  1. TutorialsPoint – a tutorial site

TutorialsPoint is an amazing tutorial site for Laravel. It does not just have Laravel tutorials, it also provides tutorials on a wide variety of programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. This learning platform contains a huge number of learning materials.


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