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posted 6 years ago

Set id as the index of relations array

Hi I have model with relation: $u = $user->with('Articles')->first(); then i can get: $u->...

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Sublime text 3 and Laravel Collective Forms + Bootstrap Snippets

Hi, I have installed a package from this site:

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View::share within a controller

Hi! I have problem with View::share. Suppose I have a controller: <?php class MyController exten...

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posted 8 years ago

How to set array key from column value

Hi! Is there a nice way to set array key by column value? Now I am doing it this way: $myArray = My...

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Problem with deploying laravel on a web server

Hi! I have a problem with deploying my app from localhost to web server. I'am getting the following...

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replied 9 years ago

Integrating Laravel 4 and uploadify jQuery plugin

OMG! I didn't noticed that ;/ I think it's time for coffee. Thanks for your help!

replied 9 years ago

Baum Nested Set Retrieve all tree with relation

Thanks this works perfect! I'm trying to make a multilanguages category tree. In CategoryLang model...

replied 9 years ago

Route::resource how to use?

Thanks man I missed that!


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