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help secure query with like

Hi, this query can be injected using this text 'a% ' (remove quotes) $courses = Course::select('id',...

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sync() with where on the intermediary table

Hi, When using sync() a query like this is generated: update `course_group_course` set `year` = ? wh...

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what is relation used for, examples

Hi, public function belongsToMany($related, $table = null, $foreignKey = null, $relatedKey = null, $...

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Change pivot column from id to email

Hi, For a model I need to use an email value instead of the user_id value Normaly you would do it li...

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filter data in hasMany using where and parent field value

Hi, Is it possible to filter the data returned by relationship using values in the parent class Prog...

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3 years ago

Eloquent hasMany with multiple foreign keys and where

I am interested in this as well. Any updates? Thank you

4 years ago

How do I integrate a custom sql into a model

Probably in my case is best to use CI to run the query $reports = $this->db->query($sql)->r...

4 years ago

count from 2 3 relations down

Something like this seems to work, not final though public function otherDistrictCountRelation() {...


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