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Same request in laravel and in phpMyAdmin give different result, why ?

Hi I execute a request with Db::raw in my laravel model. When i do the same request in phpmyadmin, t...

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belongsToMany relationship and has('relation') ==> Has() don't work

Hi, When i use Has() to have only result where the other table is not empty, that don't work. I have...

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Eloquent , using with() , and empty result

Hello, I try to find how to have only result where the relation return something, not when there emp...

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Unit testing : Phpunit command doesn't exists

Hi, I'm trying to launch my unit tests but when i write phpunit in my terminal i get "phpunit:...

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7 years ago

Unit testing : Phpunit command doesn't exists

i'm mac user. But i found where is my problem. i'm a beginner in testing, and i was thinking that ph...


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