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What is the proper way to implement this fix?

I ran into a bug in Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder when doing more than one union. This is what t...

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eloquent equivalent of SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS

I've been using Eloquent in a project outside of Laravel, and I needed pagination, so I built my own...

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Is there any solution for MySQL "in list" for joins?

I'm trying to achieve this: ->join( 'table_a', function( $join ) use( $ids) { $join ->on( 'tab...

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Newb looking for quick quick database to model generation

I am pretty new to Laravel, and I am just looking for the best way to get started and learn things w...

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replied 7 years ago

Union in loop select - Query

It's either a Query Builder or MySQL bug. I just ran into it. Union wraps everything in parenthesi...

replied 8 years ago

How to rapidly scaffold your application

+1 to scaffolding based on mwb, sql create files, or database schema. Personally, I think database...


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