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Getting Laravel Stapler to work on L5

So, I'm having some troubles installing Laravel Stapler on L5. The developer updated the dev branch...

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ReflectionException on Homestead

So, I'm getting this wierd issues on Homestead on a Windows host. I can clearly see the class exists...

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Slow responses on Homestead

I'm having some issues with Homestead or better yet Vagrant and Virtualbox itself. The requests I'm...

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Laravel Pagination standalone

OK, so I'm using Eloquent as a standalone package in my app. Is there any way I could do pagination...

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Connect to a named pipe SQL Server with Laravel?

Is this even a possibility? Need it for a legacy project to transfer some data daily to my MySQL dat...

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Documentation for a REST API

Yup, it really does. Ran into the same issue today.


Reusable base admin controller for use across packages

I'd define a class property that would handle this. Something like $namespace or similar. You can th...


Phpstorm - Type hint variable in Blade

That is difficult to achieve as the IDE is not aware of the properties defined or table fields in th...


No facade aliases in Laravel 5?

Can't believe some people are complaining over an app that is not even in beta yet. Why on earth wou...


Laravel 5 pagination

To be fair I'm a bit dissapionted with this aspect of L5. Still think Taylor will revert to a pagina...


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