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posted 5 years ago

Limited views for un-authed users

Hello, I have an app that required auth to view pages. It is simple an route middleware group on all...

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morphOne relationship issue

Hello, I am having a issue with a morphOne relationship where it is creating new entries rather tha...

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Allow user to manage ONLY their own items

Hello, I am new to Laravel and have a small issue... I have an app set up with a front-end [for list...

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replied 8 years ago

Sorry but Laravel vs other frameworks?

Hi Adam, From someone who was in the same position I recommend you give laravel a go, up until a few...

replied 8 years ago

Error when running: php artisan migrate:refresh

I have the same issue here, as @erayaydin said I tink it was caused as I had renamed a migrations fi...

replied 9 years ago

Allow user to manage ONLY their own items

Hi Belar, Thanks for that, yes I have a user_id set on each item, was just looking for a pointer as...


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