Can you help me make my code better? Please review my code

It is my first time writing a composer package for Laravel and publishing it on GitHub free for all. It feels great to finally be able to contribute back to this awesome community. In advance thank you for using my package, I hope you enjoy it while saving time and money.

My project is a code generator for the awesome Laravel framework. It helps the user generate resources like views, controllers, routes, language files or form request from the command line.

I would love it if you digs into my code and leave me some feedback. However, I am more interested in reviewing the code that the package generate. I want to make sure that my package generates a high standard code to set the foundation high for all users. Reviewing my code will mainly benefit me, while reviewing the generated code will benefit every user as they will start their project with a fine tuned code.

Package Name: Laravel Code Generator

Package Description: A clean code generator for Laravel framework that will save you time! This awesome tool will help you generate resources like views, controllers, routes, migration, language or request forms! It is extremely flexible and customizable. It is shipped with cross-browsers compatibility template, and client-side validation to make your application awesome.

Package Repository:

Package Documentation:

Feature Highlights:


* Create full resource with a single command.
* Create standard CRUD controllers with simple or form-request validation.
* Create model.
* Create named routes.
* Create standard CRUD views.
* Very flexible and rich with configurable options.
* (Beta) Client-side validation.
* File uploading handling.
* Auto multiple-response storing in the database.
* Create form-request.
* Customizable view’s templates to enable you to change the standard look and feel of your application.
* Create view's layouts.
* Change the template at run time.
* Create code to upload file.
  • 1 week ago