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Which is good, lightweight and easy layout for Laravel

I am using Laravel from past 2 months. I learned many concepts from Laravel, but I am confusing that...

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Verification Email Not Being Sent to User After Registration

Hello Community, I'm currently facing an issue where the verification email is not being sent to use...

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posted 1 month ago

How do I prevent the repetition of a success alert?

I have made a blogging application in Laravel 8. I am working on the functionality of adding comment...

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Laravel 8 based CMS

Hi! Let me show you my project that I'm working on a while. It's a content management system created...

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How can I turn a numeric array into an array of objects?

I am working on a blogging application in Laravel 8. The application supports themes. In a nutshell,...

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large form submission

Hi! I am working on a report which has several fields (report image: )....

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Call to a member function getClientOriginalExtension() on ar

$img = $Sliders->img; if($request->hasfile('img')){ $file = $request->file('img'); $extensi...

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posted 8 months ago

Get total hours except specific time range

I just want to get a total hours and exclude specific time, example is 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM is 8 hour...

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Hello! I am new to laravel and am using version 5.8. I have created a Likert survey where users rank...

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Issue with code read information

Hello i'm having issue with my code Correctly in my admin cp>package>gold package> for uplo...

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Affiliation Marketing

Ecommerce Affiliation Marketing intregation .. pls share code

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posted 1 year ago


usually enctype/form-data is given for file type but in laravel no need

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posted 1 year ago

form method and route verb r they same r diff

form method and route verb r they same r diff get post in form and route r exactly same r ? it does

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posted 1 year ago

form method=post r getfor

in which way route post and get is related with view post and get and if view is blank form is what....

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App forms doesn't work after laravel project deployment

So, I've deployed a beginner laravel project and I got some problems. First, I got problem with the...

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My Website Hacked! Needs Possible Reasons and Solutions

My website is built in Laravel 8. After some time multiple fake pages were created by someone. How h...

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Survey & earn Laravel project

Is this possible to make a website where survey build from the admin and survey do from the user and...

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Update Database Field On Checked & Unchecked Of Checkbox

Hello, I Want To Update My Database Column Of Checkbox On Checked & Unchecked, Want Will Be The...

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bastinald/laravel-livewire-forms: Livewire form component Laravel Livewire Forms Laravel Livewire form com...

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laravel-bootstrap-forms: Bootstrap 5 form components Laravel Bootstrap Forms Bootstrap 5 form compon...

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