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alu0075 posted 3 years ago

#hi I really Hate editors that list all commands as auto completion ! , i am looking for an editor that just help me learn more ! #for exmaple when i write Auth:: just suggest related commands !

zakbach replied 3 years ago

Sublime Text suggests commands used in the file you're in, but I'm sure it probably has a plugin or two for what you want.

alu0075 replied 3 years ago

zakbach said:

Sublime Text suggests commands used in the file you're in, but I'm sure it probably has a plugin or two for what you want.

could you please just name it ?!

shez1983 replied 3 years ago

I have seen something like PHPStorm which suggests related commands (i.e. you type in a class name/instance name and it suggests what methods are available even if the class is located else where (and is brought in using namespaces/use keywords at the top of the page)

I know that Laracasts recent videos seem to be using it but you have to pay for it.. I would love for a plugin for sublime that can do exactly that..

ShawnMcCool replied 3 years ago

If you want the most benefit there is currently only PHPStorm as an option. Nothing else can do real code analysis for safe refactorings. Everything else is a massive step down. It's going to take you some time configuring and learning. But, everything else out there is just a distraction. Take a little time every day to watch a new video on it and you'll be fine.

Garbee replied 3 years ago

Also, when using Facades PHPStorm (and other IDEs) won't suggest completions, refactor, or do a lot of other cool things to help. There is an IDE Helper that generates a file to help IDEs do it. In my opinion though using it should be a smell. The only place I would use facades (other than quick testing) is views.

If you do use the Laravel IDE Helper, just remember that in time you should research and implement ways of injecting the classes directly where they are being used in classes (called Dependency Injection) so PHPStorm (and other helpers) can auto-complete. Along with doing DI you will get better code analysis as well.

psychonetic replied 3 years ago

If you are a student, you can get PHP Storm for free:

asr replied 3 years ago

I use netbeans. But by default the autocomplete for laravel is not so good. So I followed the instructions here Just put this file in your app folder

The above works nicely. The only thing you have to do is to just copy a file.

Jaypatel5 replied 1 year ago

Which tools of PHP can we use with laravel, CodeIgniter, and other frameworks?, then to create a master application with a simple line of coding these top 10 PHP development tools has been used in 2017 to become a master developer.

hamidteimouri replied 1 year ago

Use PhpStorm and install laravel plugin

jaroslawziolkowski replied 1 year ago

Only PhpStorm support this but remember that PhpStorm also get a lot of memory for this comfort.

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