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posted 7 years ago

Testing/Phpunit and errors/exception testing

I have googled around and came up with nothing useful... How do people test their Errors? Here is me...

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testing.. setting up db etc

so what do you guys do when creating tests? I have a setup method on the testcase (parent class) tha...

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caching solution? which one?

Hi So i have been looking at the caching solutions and there are so many, redis, opcache, memcache a...

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how to hide page and unhide page? (using auth, middleware..)

My app allows my company to upload banners that their client can then preview.. they can login and n...

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id as string?

ok so i have a country table with id, country e.g. UK => United Kingdom.. so id is a string...

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replied 5 years ago

Will it be Challenging or annoying to adopt the new Laravel 5.5?

annoying for sure, challenging even - we know about the new features but we dont know about code cha...

replied 6 years ago

Select only unique columns

whats your table structure? and an example row from it?

replied 6 years ago

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table

usually it means that when migrations happened, it didnt create the table as there was an error so t...

replied 7 years ago

New Version Breaks withTrashed() on polymorphic relations?

have you tried finding that function in laravel directory?

replied 7 years ago

REST GET request results into a different database connection

is there two different codebases or one for both? if one, then you need to specify the db you use wh...


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