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Last updated 2 years ago.

Hi, I just sat for hours with this one

Still an issue but this will give you an idea as to why you are experiencing it...

You are using Homestead 2 command which either way is for PHP version 5.x

You will see this when you go into your homestead files stubs you will see the Files refer to PHP5-FPM instead of PHP 7

So i updated my homestead to version 3 only to find out that version 3 doesnt have any of the commands like homestead up as it looks like the moved to vagrant command instead of homestead... i tried several things

Note i am using a Global homestead installation... so you are getting that error because you have homestead box 0.4.0 which has PHP 7 but the homestead version 2 has files that try to initialize version 5...

It would have been nice if it was simply an update required to version 3 but they removed all the command PHP files in the SRC Directory so you dont get the option to use homestead command... dont know what they were thinking here... as i checked the github repo to be sure..

to test this theory i used the vagrant initialize command and then edited that file to point to my homestead files in the location they are and then ran vagrant up and the VM Booted successfully however i have doubts that it did not configure as to my homestead yaml file... still trying more things

If anyone knows how to get this working or can confirm if they have moved to the Vagrant command instead of homestead it will provide clarity because they broke it completely with version 3

Last updated 8 years ago.

Hi, Again

I managed to solve this but it was more of a hack that an official solution...

I installed the Global version of homestead using composer global require "laravel/homestead=~3.0"

This should install version 3.0.1... so you will find that in your composer directory in the Vendor there is a laravel repo for the Homestead command...

If you go in there there is a SRC directory and a Scripts directory... the Scripts directory has all the new scripts to build the VM with PHP 7 box

so all you need to do is go to github, Download the v2.x version and then copy all the files in the SRC Folder and overwrite the Make File as well... this will give you the commands back and then you can execute homestead up which in return will build and setup your virtual machine

This resolved my problems... Honestly i dont know why they changed it in the first place with no explanation or detailed section on their site for homestead and what changed and why

Hope this helps


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