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Database Testing Installation
Last updated 2 years ago.

Are you using database transactions trait?


@simonhunt I removed it so I could observe the entries into the database.


@olimorris Sorry to come in again with more obvious questions but here goes:

Are you using a separate testing database? Are you doing a migrate:refresh before each test? Do you have any other tests lurking in other folders? What is actually in the database?



I have experienced the same problem. When you create the job:

$job = factory(App\Job::class)->create([
   'org_id' => $org->id,
   'user_id' => $user->id

This lines inside the factory run anyway:

....'org_id' => factory(App\Organisation::class)->create()->id,
....'user_id' => factory(App\User::class)->create(['type' => 'organisation'])->id,

So it's creates the default Organization and User inside the database and only then it overwrites the 'org_id' and 'user_id' with the id's of models created outside the factory.

Hence you got 2 Organizations and 2 Users.

Last updated 7 years ago.

Gotta read the docs carefully, gentlemen; I just feel into this trap myself. Under "Relations & Attribute Closures", it clearly tells us to wrap the factory call in a closure. So instead of

'user_id' => factory(App\User::class)->create(['type' => 'organisation'])->id,

you should have

'user_id' => function () {
    return factory(App\User::class)->create(['type' => 'organisation'])->id;

The latter does allow to overwrite attributes, the former doesn't.

Hope this helps some desperate soul out there.

Last updated 6 years ago.

Thanks Alex. Desperate soul saved.


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