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If you are starting, I would go with Laravel 5. I'd have some doubts if you asked month ago or two, but now Laravel 5 is almost here. It will be stable until you finish your project.


Hi, Laravel 5 is perfectly fine to use. We have migrated a large project recently and i can say from expereince that L5 is stable and you should use it


so i started with L5 but still find it more confusing than L4. That might change after some time and getting used to it, but in the meantime it gives me a hard time more often than not. I looked through some videos on Youtube and laracast but that didn't bring me that much further. Is there any 'must read' or step-by-step example that can be recomended?


Laracasts series "Laravel 5 Fundamentals" is a must-watch. You can also read a series of blog articles at


thanks, matanus. that's what i already did and it actually helped. I just thought there might be additional goodies out there... ;)


To be fair, I just started with Laravel and went with L5 (after the recommendation from my new boss to do so), and sure, it's a bit trickier to make some things work and takes more google time because there's no official documentation. However, we should be seeing the official release next week already, and hopefully with more Laracasts episodes and official docs. Until then, google it or ask here!

Something you'll really start appreciating in L5 (aside from the better file structure) is the command handling, something which I just got myself into. Not having to build a command bus for every command that simply acts as a reroute is pretty nice.

In short: use L5, google what you can't find. If it doesn't show in google or, post here :)


thanks to all for your input. Sure i will stay with L5. It's just more confusing at the first glance than L4. And coming from the Zend Framwork i know what confusion means ;) But it will pay on the long run for sure. At least after working with Laravel just for a short time i'm already feeling way more comfortable with it than with ZF after many moons.


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