Chrome error Failed to load resource

Hi Guys, i have a strange problem with my website based on laravel. The point is when i try lo load the home only with Chrome, nothing happened. Blank page. I can see only on Chrome console somtimes "Failed to load resource" or GET request error, but without details.

For test i'v tried to open a google file verification site and the page was showed correctly. And more than strange about failed to load is that some people will see it no other...

So now, any suggestions ??

XoneFobic replied 4 years ago

Route::get('/') pointing to the correct controller/code? But if it's only Chrome and not any other non-webkit browser. Maybe a 3rd-party chrome plugin is causing an loading error?

Mdpproduction replied 4 years ago

Only with Chrome, desktop and mobile version. I dont know how to explain this problem. The site is located on an international domain (.uk), i'm in Italy, I do not know whether it would be relevant. And the same problem happened with chrome mobile. I am very frustrated by this

XoneFobic replied 4 years ago

But loading it in for example firefox or IE it loads just fine?
(Have to have a base to try and hone in on the problem)

Mdpproduction replied 4 years ago Solution

Yes, sorry you was right before, was a routing problem. I dont know why but for firefox and ie for example, with routing that i've defined was right. But know i've changed something and it's seems to be ok on Chrome too.

XoneFobic replied 4 years ago

I'm always on Chrome, loaded fine.

Mdpproduction replied 4 years ago

Thanks Xone, maybe it was a simple mistake. Thanks again, forever Laravel.


iamchristine replied 1 year ago

clear the browser cache and restart the browser.

See this guide: How To Fix Chrome’s ERR

Ayesha gupta replied 8 months ago

You can find few simple steps to solve this problem. check here for more about this error here.

jackadision replied 7 months ago


Hold Windows-key + R on your keyboard a new Run window appears.

Type or copy paste the following text in the run box: %LOCALAPPDATA% a new Explorer window opens, directory: C:\Users{your-username}\AppData\Local\Find the folder named “Google” and rename this folder to “GoogleOLD”.

How to rename a folder? Right-click the “Google” folder and select Rename from the list.

If you can’t rename the folder because a file is blocking it.

Press Windows key + R on your keyboard, enter in the RUN Box the following command: taskkill /f /im chrome.exe and try again.

Restart your computer.

If this doesn’t work, perform Steps 1 -3 as described below.


Mariya Adems replied 4 months ago

Here is working guide on how to fix err_spdy_protocol_error

hip hoper replied 1 month ago

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Clarke Kenton replied 1 month ago

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