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Laravel + Ratchet Websocket (Get users session on connect)

Hello everybody. I have recently got into learning websockets with ratchet, to use along side my lar...

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Problem with session variable - Laravel and AJAX

I have a system in Laravel, I have used the session variable without any problem, so far. Made an AJ...

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Getting Laravel Sessions

Is there a way to retrieve all user sessions and sessions for the current login user from the sessio...

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By click on ip in laravel application so Session start in pu

I'm going to this task, I have crud app, in this, I have 3 columns (ip, sshport, show) When I click...

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Laravel Sanctum for Mobile

Hi! I'd like to know if there's a way to use just one method (stateless or stateful) for both web an...

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Redirect back to same page after changing locale

The way I implemented multilang is through middleware and routes. Middleware Localization.php looks...

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Laravel 7 and session variable problem

Hi. I have a problem with displaying laravel session variable. I'm setting session variable in route...

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Show message when user is connected laravel 6*

Heelo, I want to show an alert after log in in laravel 6* , how can this be done idk what to use in...

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Laravel 419 errors only in Safari

Safari browser (alone) logs out users on a production site. Gives 419 errors and several other error...

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redirect route -> with message doesn't work

Hi, I have a problem with a redirect -> with message In my controller, I have a return redirect a...

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user session sharing

Hello all, I have two apps made with 2 separate Laravels. Can I share the user sessions? If I login...

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laravel + custom auth

I am using laravel 5.8 _I want to create an app that let user to register and logged in using only p...

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2 Apr, 2020 at 05:55

Normal PHP application session,cookies handling in Laravel

Hello I am new to Laravel framework. My application is implemented on core PHP.We are planning to i...

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Laravel, Vuejs, axios get tasks for logged in user

I am trying to get the tasks of the logged in user into a vuejs component via axios but I keep getti...

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Avoid global scope for cookies

I'm currently working on a website with a main domain and sub-domains like this: dev....

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How to flush user all sessions from redis?

An Application using redis based sessions with laravel 5.2. Need to logout user from all devices, f...

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Laravel 6: Localization lost once page redirects

I am trying to setup localization in my website. But when the user click on his prefered language, t...

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Can someone tell me requiremetns of this questions?

Create an API with the following endpoints to create a key-value store. The purpose of the API is to...

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26 Dec, 2019 at 09:19

Problem with filling Session in Laravel

Laravel framework 6.9 + XAMP I need advise from someone with experience in Laravel as I have some st...

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Integration of SMF script into laravel

Hello, i have one question. How or is possible to store data from SMF SSI (api) into Laravel Auth. I...

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