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SuperSeb92 said:

Hi all,

Just bought my tickets to go to Laracon EU this year, very excited to go to my first one!

I know a lot of people will be going with there colleagues etc, but I'm wondering how many people will be attending alone? I work for myself so unfortunately not in a position to attend with other people (which I don't mind) however it would be nice to know there's people to go for a drink with afterwards!

Anyone else in the same boat?

I'm considering getting a ticket for myself! Although I do work at a place, I'd probably go there alone :)


Going alone ;) , so If you want to meet just send a msg


This is a great idea, assuming the person you're meeting isn't a psychopathic killer;)

But seriously, you'd meet so many people, all of whom may be "good contacts to have" very useful. If I could, I'd certainly would have.


Sweet I'm attending alone as well :) Looking to meet you all.


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