Starting ecommerce site, need few ideas

Hello there guys. I have plenty of experience doing ecommerce site but they all get a bit tough to manage as the time passes by. In the past 1-2 years i've been doing laravel projects and I really like how amazing the framework is, so I've been tasked with porting one of our eCommerce software into a Laravel project. I've been given full freedom and I've chosen to start from the ground up, using laravel 5.x

So my question to you guys is, can you recommend some useful 3rd party packages, or just tips in general that I should consider. I've already aimed at Laravel cashier and phpleague's omnipay and a shopping cart package. Any other articles you guys can recommend?

Ramesh replied 1 year ago

The two most important steps that need to be followed for starting an online business are choosing the right products to be sold and selecting an appropriate ecommerce platform that will handle the complete ecommerce process.

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indpurvesh replied 3 months ago

Have you try modular avored e commerce.

AvoRed An Laravel E commerce

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