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Installation IOC Packages
Last updated 2 years ago.

Good question. I'm looking for the same answer.

I found this - - but trying workbeanch version and manual - both give me an error :(


I fixt it, the solution was to autoload my controllers folder in the composer.json file of my package. After that you can access the controller in your routes.php file (in your package) in this way

Route::get('/pathtoroute', 'vendorname\Packagename\Controllers\MyController@myFunction');


In the beginning I didn't have much luck with the workbench and then publishing it from the workbench, so I just started building packages and dealing with composer updates wiping out my code. To get around that issue I just used git and made my packages git repos and then ran a few commands all over again. PITA but it works for me ...


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