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Installation Configuration
Last updated 1 year ago.

Did you check your laravel log? what does it say ?


Check what @astroanu says and also - Did you modify your .htaccess file? Did you check your Apache log as well?


Your development environment must be EXACTLY like what you're pushing it to if and when available. Also, are you a VPS member or a shared hosting member of theirs?


Don't forget .env file and vendor folders.


I have a problem on GoDaddy shared hosting.

Laravel not generating error log. where can i check Apache Error log in cPanel.


I've had this problem before on shared godaddy hosting, turns out that Laravel was violating one of their resource constraints, I sent a ticked explaining the problem and they just increased the resources and the problem went away.


Try to change permission to 755 on storage folder and all content inside. Server try to write log but haven't permissions. Maybe you need to do this also with images folder if your application allow upload, cropping and resizing image.


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