Invoice Ninja (a large open-source Laravel application) is live!!

hillelcoren posted 4 years ago

About six months ago a good friend asked me to build him an online invoicing site. There are many competitors in the space. I thought it was a bad idea and had no interest in working on it until I read about Laravel... it seemed like a great way to learn the framework.

After many months of spending my nights (in addition to my days) coding here are the results:

The application is open-source, the code is available here:

Feedback and comments are greatly appreciated. Hopefully the application or code will be of use to you.

cbier replied 4 years ago

Looks nice!

CedNet replied 4 years ago

It's daring to release the code as open source for others to review ;) nice!

So your friend is happy with the system or he never got around to using it? That's why it's released open source?

andrewsuzuki replied 4 years ago


jgarifuna replied 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing, hillelcoren!

It looks very nice!!

hillelcoren replied 4 years ago

Thanks for all the positive feedback!


I think he's pretty happy with it, he's working now to try to market it. We've been open-source from the start. Most businesses have their own peculiarities, being able to modify your invoicing software to suit your needs is a great feature.

Lobomau replied 4 years ago

Very very nice! :) Congratz!

TadasSu replied 4 years ago

Perfect! :)

I have one questinion: what does it mean "Online Payments -> Payment gateway" ?

usm4n replied 4 years ago

WoW Great work!

geocine replied 4 years ago

Thank you for open sourcing such a wonderful application. There is so much to learn in here and could be of use for other websites I create.

hillelcoren replied 4 years ago


Our site supports "online payments". This means when a user emails an invoice to a client the client will see a "Pay Now" button which they can use to submit a payment.

In order to process the payment the user needs to configure a "payment gateway" (such as PayPal, Stripe, etc). We're currently using the OmniPay library ( but hope to support even more providers in the future.


Great to hear, if you have any questions about any parts of the code feel free to contact me directly.

zenry replied 4 years ago

I've tried it and it's great.

Small problem though, when you enter a client (without creating a new one), fill in everything and click on 'Email Invoice' the page reloads and there is an error (missing email) on the popup of 'Create new client' link.

Aside from loosing the client name and invoice date (the rest is still pre-filled) it's a little confusing for a first time user ;)

zenry replied 4 years ago

oh and this

hillelcoren replied 4 years ago


I see what you mean with a new client when clicking email, I'll work on it for the next build. With the blank taxes what do you have configured under 'manage tax rates'.

keyurshah replied 4 years ago

thanks for sharing! really love seeing the code

JonoB replied 4 years ago

Hey Hillel, I remember you from Flex days - you had one of the best autocompletes out there :)

Good luck with the software!

(PS - I run one of SaaS competitors for online invoicing/accounting :) )

jbstowe replied 4 years ago

Any plans to add a time tracking module in the future? Nothing fancy just a place to enter some time worked on a project, what work was done and then be able to generate reports/invoices from that data?

Looks awesome though, better than some of the paid ones I have used in the past!

torkiljohnsen replied 4 years ago

Very nice, and respect for the open source decision.

jgoux replied 4 years ago

You are on hacker news right now : ;)

CynthiaBoyles replied 4 years ago

Love to see you code. You have used good logic's. I would love to use this invoice.

georgie817 replied 3 years ago

I love the project. Thanks for sharing.

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