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Take a look at the helper functions, url and route, to make the urls. or


How much values have you trying to pass on the $data array? Maybe we can find an alternate way to pass the values.

You're trying to pass an array through the GET method, remember that GET works like this:


Where you are sending two variables through the url and can get the values like this:

echo $_GET['id']; // output 123

echo $_GET['user']; // output john


Right now I'm passing three pieces of information. However, eventually it will be more. Idk how many more pieces of info will need to be passed.

  • Based on that, you would need to encode your array to pass it on the url with http_build_query() php function it will generate a one line string that can be sent as variable containing all the items in your array. (you need to use this because via GET you can only send text and not structures)

  • Then you can get your array back with parse_str() on your controller.

Also check serialize() and unserialize() will work the same way. Remember that using GET it will display all the values sent in the URL so no privacy should be expected.


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