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Configuration Authentication Session
Last updated 7 months ago.

Doubt it's a bug as sessions are working fine everywhere else.

What driver are you using? If you're using file/native, make sure that app/storage is readable and writeable by the web server user.

There could be a difference in PHP version or configuration that makes it work locally but not on the server, which is why you should always try to replicate the server environment in a VM. Look into Vagrant.

Last updated 7 months ago.


Just found the problem and I can tell that was a good joke for April 1st. Its really unbelievable that such things happens in these days.

The problem was caused by an unusual echo in php. My routing file contained a white space before the opening php tag. I still cant believe ... On my local dev i have php 5.5 and a really primitive server, probably this ignored or trimmed that white space.

For those who have such problem here's a very unusual solution.

Also solution to avoid such problems would be great i think.

Last updated 7 months ago.

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