Replaced table and now "Trying to get property of non-object"

jerauf posted 5 years ago

I'm redoing a site in Laravel. I've had to rename columns to align better with Laravel's syntax. That all worked fine. But I had to restore the previous table and rename all of the columns to what they were before.

Every column is named correctly. Every bit of data is the same. There's nothing different except that the table had to be replaced.

After replacing and then reworking the table to match what I had before, I'm getting a "Trying to get property of non-object" error.

Why would this happen?

johnvic replied 5 years ago

Maybe you could give a little more details. Is the table empty?May be you have directly access the data without checking if the object is empty or not.

ksharifi replied 5 years ago

did you set table name in your model ?

jerauf replied 5 years ago

The table name is the same. The content of the table is the same. I had accidentally deleted the data in one column, so I refreshed it with the exact same copy that I had in my archive.

Everything is identical.

Steve-45 replied 3 years ago

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