From my experience with both of them, I think Laravel's author wish if he was the WordPress's author.

When I use Laravel to build projects for my customers(I always recommend them to use WordPress of course!) what I actually do is reinvent the wheel all the time!

In my experience, there's two types of Wordpress sites:

  • the ones where people just built a theme on top of an existing one, usually making it (WP) even less optimised than it is out of the box
  • the decent Wordpress sites that have a theme built from scratch and tailored to the clients need. I guess if a dev knows how to do this, she/he knows how to secure his WP site too. So that would be acceptable.

If you intend to do the first type of Wordpress I describe above, well.., don't do it. These websites, even small, will raise a lot of issues further down the line, whether it's on the optimisation aspect, security or else. Keep in mind that WP sites are usually a piece of cake to hack for someone who knows what she/he does on that aspect.

Note regarding WP plugins. There are a lot of plugins available, however be mindful when you pick the ones you want to use. Chose the ones offering support, it's usually a proof that it's well maintained/updated and secured. Just be mindful about your choices on that aspect, as some plugins could open security breaches.

General note about Wordpress. Some have pointed this out in their comments, but I think it's wise to emphasise it a bit more again: Wordpress is pretty crap when it comes to optimisation. It loads tons of script in the frontend that you don't need, even the backend js ! (maybe that has been amended I'm not sure). In that sense you don't have proper control on everything that happens in Wordpress. You adapt, you don't create. Which is a real problem for me personally.

Now Laravel. Personally I love it, and I don't think it takes that much more effort to build a cms in laravel. Just a few more cruds and a few javascript classes. After all your admin doesn't need to be fantastically fancy (btw, you would be surprised by the amount of client being happy with a very simple admin built from scratch). Also, creating an admin panel is painful at the start maybe, but once you got it right, it's quick and easy to maintain as well if you know what you do.

My point is, with Laravel you keep control on everything, where with Wordpress, you have to think within a well defined scope. Which is somehow annoying, but easy to pick up regarding wordpress as it's well documented. Documentation is, I think, what makes it so popular tbh. Drupal, for example, is seen as a way better CMS by many developers. I personally don't know Drupal, so I can't tell.

Finally, there are a few "in-between" solution with some cms built with laravel (OctoberCms, AsgardCMS) that could offer a better alternative to wordpress. Another solution, that I've been using at my previous work is to create a data abstraction layer between wordpress and laravel (usually with a Laravel Middleware or smth like that..). That means you could have a wordpress for feeding the db, and laravel for reading the db/outputting the data in the frontend. This way, you get rid of most of the Wordpress cons and you keep control on everything happening in the frontend. I like this solution even if on the querying side, things can get complex..

So, Wordpress yes, as soon as you don't overwrite someone else's code and you try to do things well. Meaning not just setting up plugins after plugins and as soon as it's a relatively small website. OR if you have a week to build a website...

Use laravel if you wanna propose quality code that you would like to keep control on. You won't reinvent the weel as some people said, you will just offer the best tailored code people can think of in term of php.

shabushabu said:

Sorry, but Doptor sucks. Only cause I can't log in. If you tell me that there's a demo, but then I can't have a look you've already lost. First impressions, guys! As cheesy as it may sound, but there is some truth to it...

Hi You are requested to visit (both panel backend and admin) (user: admin, password: 123456)

If you just need a simple blog go with a CMS but not Wordpress. I used @daftspunk's October CMS and it is a lot better than wordpress. There is a good October CMS vs Wordpress comparison that explains the differences between them and how October is better.