What PHP IDE are you using for Laravel??

I tried many PHP IDE for my work

And now, I always use Laravel Framework.

I used PHPStorm

  • Many Memory (4G RAM, it's 1/4)

  • CPU sometime load 100% (Core I5)

but PHPStorm is best for developer but not me, my laptop has poor :( sometime i had waiting for laptop delay for next code

I used PHPDesigner

  • Not auto completion class, function......(Laravel)

  • Management for work hard

I used Sublime Text 3

  • Not find php class, function, etc...

Please tell me a PHP IDE best

Thank for reading.

jimgwhit replied 4 years ago


tuyenlaptrinh replied 4 years ago

Any idea???

heoquay99 replied 4 years ago

PHP Storm is great :D, but Taylor Otwell using Sublime Text.

tuyenlaptrinh replied 4 years ago

I think as you too. But with Sublime Text, How to can i find class, php auto completion....

awsp replied 4 years ago

Since I am also doing Java and Node.js, I am actually using IntelliJ IDEA‎ with PHP plugin installed. But it should be the same as PHPStorm I guess. lol

IDE does consume more memory ... But mine was fine running with 4GB ram, I usually have couple projects opening at the same time.

Are you having a big project with lots of file?

astroanu replied 4 years ago

I'm using Sublime. It's easy.. less RAM.. And there are extensions for code hinting and stuff. But you dont really need them.

PHPStorm is the best php editor out there. But the thing with these bells and whistles IDEs is that once you start using them you start to forget how to do simple tasks such as pushing to a git repo or tracing down a simple bug. My opinion is use a simple vanilla text editor, you just need to be able to edit the code somehow not wait for the php files to open up on the IDE.

tuyenlaptrinh replied 4 years ago


I use Laravel and many packages for it (10). i have use Minify (css,js), so one load webpage is one indexing on PHPStorm. Many js's files write code very slow. I always waitting. I see RAM OK but sometime CPU load 100%.

I always open PHPStorm, Chrome, Explorer, Skype, sometime Photoshop, MySql Workbench


With Sublime Text or anything, How to can i use Laravel IDE Helper?

astroanu replied 4 years ago

I dont use any.. a google search took me to and

tuyenlaptrinh replied 4 years ago

please some idea

ModestasV replied 4 years ago

If you are having problems with phpstorm on your notebook - limit background process... I'm totally fine with 3GB of DDR2 ram and Celeron 2 cores 2,4GHz cpu :) ( nothing turned off )

neomerx replied 4 years ago

Man, you are not in a position to choose 'best'. You can't run phpStorm. The only real alternative is sublime. Ask people how to configure it and make it as fully-featured as possible.

tuyenlaptrinh replied 4 years ago


Thanks. Can you give me some idea for PhpStorm's setting

awsp replied 4 years ago


I am running OS X Yosemite on a i3 iMac 27" 4gb ram, with Sequel Pro, Play! Framework console, some node apps like (LESS compiler, http-server, etc.), Pixelmator, couple Terminal windows , Chrome (10~15 tabs), MAMP, MongoDB daemon, Sublime Text 2, iTunes and ForkLift ... lol

Memory usage is about 1.65gb, and CPU idle for 98% most of the time.

Edit: Maybe disabling Git support from PHPStorm might help your over performance. Also, I gave more memory to Intellij Idea, JVM, that speeds up quit a bit.


  • Intellij Idea -

  • PHPStorm -

This is what I am using Idea.vmoptions


Edit 2: After adding more memory to the VM, my Play! application actually executed faster. It does take up to 200% CPU time (2 core) when Indexing my Play!/Java project, but it shouldn't take more than a minutes if you have executed play idea for example.

AndrewMack replied 4 years ago

I've been using Atom since its official release just a couple weeks back.It's fairly light-weight and has simple PHP intelli-sense. Atom has become my go-to text editor for all things web. I'd give it a try -- it's free, open source.. you know, all the good stuff ;)

robgeorgeuk replied 4 years ago

Matt Stauffer has written a great article on using Sublime instead of PHPStorm.

groovel replied 3 years ago

Hi I am using Eclipse in Java and in Php and used A php Server to test it directly in Eclipse under windows What i like ? The code assistants , the search explorer ....

Jmaiers replied 3 years ago

I use Sublime with the following packages installed to help with Laravel dev;

Blade Snippets Laravel Snippets Laravel Blade Highlighter Laravel Bootstrapper Snippets

johnogle replied 3 years ago

I use Sublime, (occasional DW--don't shoot), and mostly PHPStorm. These days I'm leaning back toward PHPStorm mostly still at 9.0.0 on Mac OS X.10.5 and happy to note JetBrains released improved PHP 7 support in PhpStorm 9.5.0 (EAP)

philippejadin replied 3 years ago

Used jedit, now more and more atom.


Very nice git integration, tons of plugins, opensource, medium resources usage (not lightweight but not a hog monster either). Supports blade templating.

Sceko replied 3 years ago

I love Atom, but for remote server use PhpStorm

Ritesh Saini replied 3 years ago

CodeLobster is the best. Inbuilt PHP Debugger, Live HTML/CSS Inspector, Content Highlighting, SQL Manager and most importantly, it's FREE of cost! What else do you need now? Read more here: CodeLobster PHP Edition Review

shez1983 replied 3 years ago

TheTrendzJournal said:

CodeLobster is the best. Inbuilt PHP Debugger, Live HTML/CSS Inspector, Content Highlighting, SQL Manager and most importantly, it's FREE of cost! What else do you need now? Read more here: CodeLobster PHP Edition Review – Free Portable IDE for PHP

might be good but mac users cant use it...

hdwebpros replied 3 years ago

I'm loving Sublime. It's so fast. This article talks about getting it to have similar functionality to PHPStorm.

umair321 replied 3 years ago

Netbeans 8 is best choice for you

shez1983 replied 3 years ago

umair321 said:

Netbeans 8 is best choice for you

You might want to expand on the reasons.. or a link

raselcse10 replied 3 years ago

PHP Storm

larafeed replied 2 years ago

I have used Netbeans and PHPStorm both, but stayed with PHPStorm in the end. However, some other PHP IDEs are worth a try as well, like Aptana ( )

João Pedro Serra replied 1 year ago

I've used PHPStorm ever since i started working professionally in PHP 3 years ago, yes it does provide a lot of help, no it doesn't make you forget how to track down a simple bug, people who say that are probably var_dumpers, and they are the ones who don't know how to track down bugs.

For any PHP development there's nothing better than PHPStorm, if you have something more complex than simple pages with about 2 or 3 Models i would really advise you to use an IDE instead of Sublime. Sublime is awesome for small things but to start doing advanced things you really need to invest a lot of time into plugins and stuff and even then it'll never be as intelligent as a full-fledged IDE when it comes to understanding your code.

The only thing PHPStorm doesn't quite get are Facades in Laravel, but IDE Helper takes care of that.

Can't recommend it enough, it allows you to run PHPUnit tests individually based on the position of your mouse cursor, makes a breeze to use XDebug and it even has an SQL viewer for your DB, it has everything you need and a hell of a lot more! I'm paying 8 bucks a month for it, totally worth it imo.

adobe replied 1 year ago

**PhpSotrm **obvious

AmarInfotech replied 1 year ago

There are number of PHP development tools available but I prefer to use Eclipse and NetBeans.

larafeed replied 1 year ago

PHPStorm is working fine for me. Try Netbean if phpstorm is really the cause of the high cpu usage.

Hamza replied 1 year ago

I use PHPStorm because it works great.

Prayoga Teguh replied 1 year ago

I use Visual Studio Code, its free, and awesome (as great as Sublime, I think).

Sandesh Maharjan replied 1 year ago

Visual Studio Code (switched from Sublime)

nghia ta replied 1 year ago

why do not you use vscode with its extensions? (laravel 5 snippets for example)

Kelvin Nderitu replied 1 year ago

Before Using PhPStorm, Make sure your Hard drive is very healthy. It does a lot of the writing and reading(Intellisense) when typing(the auto-save), You may assume it's your RAM or processing power that has a problem but no, it's mostly the Hard Drive.

Krisna Wijaya replied 1 year ago

PHP Storm

Nathan815 replied 1 year ago

PhpStorm is great. I used to use Sublime but love PhpStorm and IntelliJ IDEA now.

Vishnu Raj replied 8 months ago

Try VSCode. that thing is awesome

Pardeeptech replied 8 months ago

Try VsCode , Netbeans , PHP Storm all are easy to Use. For More Information you also read article : Top Code Editors and IDE for PHP Development of 2018

Devin Goff replied 6 months ago

Here is top 8 Php IDE / Editor Tools. Eclipse. NetBeans. PHPStorm. NUSphere. Zend Studio. Sublime Text. Komodo. Aptana Studio. you can also find all Web Programming Languages.

Kosha Shah replied 6 months ago

PHPStorm, NetBeans and Eclipse PDT are the best PHP development tools for PHP programming. You should use that.

Find here useful resources related to the javascript frameworks, PHP Frameworks, react vs angular, Front end development tools.

Kamil Bielak replied 6 months ago

VSCode - is`t not an IDE, its text editor. But with good plugins - Beatify, Laravel Artisan, Laravel Blade Snippets, Laravel Blade Spacer, Laravel goto view

its good idea to use it. i have slow machine too. Try it ;-)

NetBeans - it`s good too. PhpStorm is the best but as you see, need memory.

Mark Alfred replied 4 months ago

I preferred to use PHPstorm for my projects. I have created lots of web application such as 5iQ by this IDE. Netbeans and Eclipse PDT also useful for the same.

Cameron replied 4 months ago

Using Sublime Text 3

Plugins: ApacheConf Php Companion ---this is the important one that lets you import classes as you use them. Laravel Blade Highlighter BracketHighlighter Sass SideBarEnhancments Vue Syntax Highlighter

Oh and running Material Theme with Material-Theme-Darker scheme

MR PHP replied 4 months ago

Visual Studio Code:

opensource, with many updates, and package for almost anything, in laravel development I use this plugins:

  • Laravel 5 Snippets.
  • Blade Snippets.
  • Blade Spacer.
  • PHP DOCBlocker.
  • Laravel Artisans. (execute commands by the command pallete).
  • terminal (to get a button to open the terminal from VS code).
  • DOTEnv (to get color scheme and linter of dotenv files).
  • Laravel Helpers (autocomplete for routes, phpunit methods, middelwares...).
  • Laravel goto View (click and open view file).
  • Laravel Model Snippets.
  • PHP DocBlocker.
  • PHP Intelephense.
  • PHP IntelliSense.
  • Spacegray VSCode (if you came from PHPSTORM it helps).
  • Vue VS Code Extensions (collection of packages for vue if you work with Laravel it´s possible to work with vue)

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