Data not parsing in my email template

richtestani posted 11 months ago

I have a registration email that is sent out with an activation link which is generated at the time of user creation. I am sending an email after the user is created, along with the activation link and a few other placeholder values.

In my RegistrationController is my mail to method:

          ->send(new Activation($activation->toString(), $data['username']));

The in my Activation Mailer class:

public function __construct($activation, $username)
    $this->activation = $activation;
    $this->site = config('');
    $this->username = $username;


public function build()
    return $this->view('mail.activation')
              ->from('[email protected]')
                'site' => $this->site,
                'activation' => $this->activation,
                'username' => $this->username,
                'test' => 'My Test Val'

Then finally, the template looks like any normal blade template complete with {{$activation}} style variables. The mail is sent perfectly but it sends the email without being parsed, so the variables are still in the file.

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