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posted 3 months ago

503 5.5.1 Error: already authenticated when sending email

Swift_TransportException: Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "[email protected]

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How to sign outgoing emails in Laravel 9 with a DKIM?

Please explain the conception of how to sign outgoing emails in Laravel 9 with a DKIM signature. Lar...

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posted 4 months ago

How to adapt email text templates

Hello Laravel Community, I'm using the markdown templates to write emails. Adapting the html layout...

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Intermittent issue sending mail

Hello friens!! I hope you so very very well in this times. I need your help with somethig, I have an...

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Mail::Inline Attachments

I'm trying to send an email with laravel. With this function I can send emails and attachments. But...

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use plain PHP mail(...,...,...,...) function, to send email

In a live server can use plain PHP mail(...,...,...,...) function, to send email from Laravel 8.x, l...

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Use dd() or equivalent in blade mail template

Hello, i tried to dd($__data) in my mail templete blade view, but it is not working. Do someone have...

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All img in emails are broken.

I have a problem with character encoding in all emial messages that I send in the standard way, i.e....

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Single DB Multi-tenancy without using Package

I am trying to develop a multi-tenancy application without using Package in Laravel-5.8. I am trying...

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html2pdf.js generated pdf attach with laravel Mail

I am trying to convert my html dom into pdf and send that pdf as an attachment with email. I am usin...

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SMTP Laravel

I got an error of Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "[email protected]

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Best practice model notifications choosing recipient

hi there, i would like to collect some recommendations here. i am facing something very common, i gu...

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I am having problem sending verification email.

I am trying to verify users after they must have created there account but i keep getting this error...

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posted 2 years ago

Expected response code 354 but got an empty response

Hi, I am new to Laravel and trying to setup the mail functionality. I opened a account f...

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How to call stored procedure using laravel and send mail?

Hi, I am beginner of laravel and MYSQL AND i wanted to call my stored procedure and pass the data to...

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posted 2 years ago

Sending email file attachment

I want to send a file as an attachement with the email sent from my laravel application. this is how...

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route helper uses "http://localhost" in email views

i have {{ route('view/issue', $issue->id) }} in an email view. This generates "http://localh...

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Send plain-text notifications

I would like to send notification emails with only plain text. But every email is send with the Cont...

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Dynamically change SMTP server for email sending

Hello guys! I am developing a multi tenancy system and I need emails to be triggered according to th...

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invalid signature on email verification. Laravel 6

Laravel Version: 6.0.x PHP Version: 7.2.24 Database Driver & Version: mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10....

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