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Authentication Session Database
Last updated 7 months ago.

Dump&Die the $user variable. Its a array of POPObjects. You can not pass it into Auth::login(User $user). So, you need to extract the id of the user and pass it to Auth::loginUsingId(int $id)

Here is a Eloquent example :

$user = User::whereEmail($result['email'])->first(['id']);

if (empty($user)) {
    $user = new User;


Also note that you require $user variable but you are creating user as $data variable which is also why you getting errors.

Last updated 7 months ago.

Thank you :) It's working now

Last updated 7 months ago.

@mcraz Just noted that it shows this error: Argument 1 passed to Illuminate\Auth\Guard::login() must implement interface Illuminate\Auth\UserInterface, null given when user is logged in for the first time. And then when page is refreshed user is logged in.

Last updated 7 months ago.

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