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Last updated 2 years ago.

Hi DevMareKS,

This is really an tough question well i will really try to explain this as below.

  1. How much experienced do your developers have?

Most of the people will answer this in years eg: 3 -4 but that does not change any thing. Best developers do the following thing and if they are doing this in correct way then you can rate them. You can rate them as 1 to 10 from 10 listed points.

a) Do they code according to Laravel standards?

b) Are they able to make proper migrations, Seeds and not making a single change directly in DB?

c) Do they comment code properly, maintain clean code and are following PSR-2 coding standards?

d) Do they always use Requests for validation?

e) Do they consider complex issues for eg: n+1 and using eager loading, tracking queries and execution time?

f) Are they able to make proper relations and are using correctly? They should not write any custom query.

g) Is the code written by them is always useful? no unnecessary junk functions should be written.

h) No php tags should be used in blade files all css and js should be version ed by using gulp and Elixr.

i) No unnecessary modules should get installed always keep only those which are in use.

j) One should always write test for each routes and functionality.

I am no expert in pricing but if your developers are practicing all above things you can pay above $20 / hr. If they are not writing tests and are not practicing in Laravel way don't pay them at all.

They should know all these things and should not waste time on google to learn this.

Note: All above points are my opinion i don't want to hurt anyone.


Last updated 8 years ago.

lol mate thanks a lot! Really appreciate this answer!

Wish you all the best!

Regards, Dev


Validation is important, you don't have to use Form Requests to do it, there is controller validation and manual validation as well, as long as there is validation.

Unfortunately there aren't blade directives for everything you may need to do, so PHP tags will happen from time to time in blade.

Sometimes you may need to write custom queries.

Its very difficult to know what is good or not unless you know the code yourself for the most part.

Last updated 8 years ago.

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