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Last updated 1 year ago.

Can you connect with any other products (phpMyAdmin locally, heidisql, etc) ?

Without knowing anything about RDS by gut feeling would be an IP restriction, but it's hard to tell without the error message.


If your MySQL database is on a remote server it may well be one of the following issues:

  • Firewall Block, the server with the MySQL service may be behind a firewall that is set to block eternal access to the port that MySQL operates on
  • MySQL User Permissions, if the MySQL service is not sat behind a firewall then the next cause may be that the user has only localhost access permissions

This was silly but I removed :3306 from the host string and it worked.. I really don't know why, I have it set with the port on production.. I guess locally it's not good to be so verbose?


My hosting provider requires that I log into the control panel and whitelist the IP my machine is on before I can connect to it.


Hello have you run php artisan migrate? and was table migrated to remote db? If yes then please guide me. I dont know how to migrate on remote.

Thank you.


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