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Last updated 2 years ago.

You will probably want to wrap everything in an API controller - any requests the android app makes should go through the API controller.

So your reoutes might be:

/api/login - returns errors or authentication token /api/register - returns errors or authentication token /api/pictures - returns pictures (you pass authentication token received from login or register method above)

Android app should not have direct access to the DB, the api should handle this - you shouldn't really trust any data coming from the app

Plenty of info/discussion on api design etc on google - doesn't have to be Laravel specific, you just need to get an understanding of the concepts and build into L5


try Dingo api, it has authentication built in, and even supports JWT.. very easy


Thanks for the responses, i researched API instead of laravel and API and i think i see what to do.

@astroanu - thank you too for your response but i like to stick to K.I.S.S before i look at plugins. I will only use that as a last resort.

Last updated 8 years ago.

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