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register/create a new middleware? and then check if user_id == 1? check other middlewares for examples.


I guess my first question is why are you trying to allow a certain user the permission to register another user while they are already authenticated? Why don't you just create a controller and a view that allows a form submission for a new user and then provide access to that user to use that controller?

I say this because currently by default there is middleware setup to redirect if authenticated. Please see app\Http\Middleware\RedirectIfAuthenticated.php.


Warning: Below is not well tested and likely not the best way of doing it, but here goes.

In Auth\AuthController.php add:

    public function getRegister()
        if (!Auth::check() || Auth::user()->id !== 1)
            return redirect('/');
        return view('auth.register');

This will override the default controller method and redirect people accessing /auth/register if they're are not logged and/or if they don't have user id 1.

Next you will probably have to add getRegister to except in the AuthController constructor, L5 by default redirects auth'ed users away from auth/login and auth/register, so try the change below.

    public function __construct()
        $this->middleware('guest', ['except' => ['getLogout', 'getRegister']]);

Alternative, you can change the RedirectIfAuthenticated.php middleware, but I think above is a nicer way of doing it.


@tkprocat - That's got me on right track. For some reason when I try it when I log in I get redirected back to the main page, but that is probably due to something in my routes.php file.

The reason why I am doing this is because I am user number 1, and I want to have absolute control over who I give access to.

I will still look at the middleware solutions. It's something I really need to understand in greater depth anyway.

Thanks Neil.


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