l5-swagger help needed, how to configure?

I am new and needed this openApi to work for my site. But didn't know the process. I am searching for some tut on how to make work swagger in laraval using l5-swagger package. I successfully made the JSON file. Now I want to make crud with it. But couldn't get any tut for this package. Here is so far I have made. Here are some of the resource files using pastecode.org gk http://pastecode.org/index.php/view/f56f214d apiController http://pastecode.org/index.php/view/9e4c845e api.json http://pastecode.org/index.php/view/5303390e

Please help me out here.

tajulasri replied 11 months ago

you are using this package l5-swagger ?

dimsav replied 11 months ago

You'll need the swagger ui to do those requests. http://swagger.io/swagger-ui/

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