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Depends on your Need.

So far, Wordpress will eat lot of resources basicly


I've already tried this one. The more plugin you have, the heavier the web performance is.

Meanwhile, you can customize your own cms using Laravel. I mean, you may tweak your own CMS actually. Tweaking performance, tweaking design, tweaking there , tweaking here.

Another Answer:

If your need is Blogging, then i may suggest you to use

Ghost is the best blogging platform ever so far in my life. High Performance, Simple template, and several things that i don't want to spoil.

Last updated 8 years ago.

no need of reinventing wheel.. if you're just making a blogging site and you want the site to run faster use a caching technique such as Varnish. If you're still considering to use Laravel try the CMS made with Laravel .. but still it has a lot of unwanted things which might slow you down. then the last option would be to write your own.


if you are talking performance wise...either one on some ssds with plenty or RAM is fine.

if you are talking about development time, first you already know one better than the other? Go with what you know so that you don't have to spend time learning something new.


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