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Shift + refresh.


Thank you for your reply, it works with shift + refresh, but I can not impose my users to use shift + refresh. Moreover, in all of my php project (without using laravel) when I refresh it works, so I don't know how to resolve this


If you are using firefox, it's a know "bug/feature" that firefox will remember what you entered before you hit refresh.

You could try the following:

<form autocomplete="off">

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Thank you, it works !!!!! But I'm a little bit curious, why it does like that ? Laravel store in cache of firefox all inputs and firefox doesn't know how to reset all input ?

Last updated 7 years ago.

It's an issue with firefox. For some reason the firefox devs think it's a useful feature. Nothing to do with the laravel cache.


Ok I see. So thank you for your explaination. Have a good day !


I had this same issue where I had a selection list to change the status of an item. Whenever new item were stored in the database, on a Firefox page refresh the status wasn't showing the correct values from the database, it was showing what firefox was remembering.

Using the fix above I was able to resolve this error.

I guess its a feature when you want to refresh a page but keep data entered in forms, but it might look like a bug when when you don't want it to remember the entered or selected values.


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