Laravel Template creator

I want to create template for my company's website .Which are the best template creator for Laravel ?

jeystaats replied 1 year ago

Well there isn't like a template generator for "just Laravel". Laravel works with .blade.php and this is just a dynamic way of using HTML in a combination with PHP. ( I assume you mean a template for the frontend ).

You can better just look or buy a HTML template and then convert the code into a .blade.php to make it work.

There are other options though. For example you can use OctoberCMS. This is a CMS made with Laravel and you can use and buy templates for this CMS.

I hope this helps

eaponiente replied 1 year ago

There is no template creator for laravel.

But if what you mean is reusable components, personally I use laravelcollective/html to create my templates for fast work without creating the elements from scratch.

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