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Configuration Authentication Session
Last updated 2 years ago.

I'm not sure how to implement that into Laravel. This is the issue. I can write code for what needs to happen, just not sure how to write it for Laravel.


I had to do something similar recently.

My situation was pretty specific but you could set this up as middleware.

I use Laravel Authentication in conjunction with AD, avery simplified process below

First i check if we have authenticated the user in laravel with


If not I check for the $_SERVER['AUTH_USER'].

$id = isset($_SERVER['AUTH_USER'] ? $_SERVER['AUTH_USER'] : false;

If this is set I see if we have the user in Laravel

$user = \User::find($id);

If the user exists I log them in


If not I create a new user and then log them in.

$user = new \User;
$user->id = $id;
$user->password = 'dummy';

if the $_SERVER['AUTH_USER'] is not set then I redirect to the log-in page.


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